About Us


The Sisters of Alkebulan is a coalition of womb bearing leaders whose main work is to represent the Emblem of America. Our main aim is to appeal to the concerns of the Copper Colored Aboriginal peoples of American descent. Our aim is to foster a unified sisterhood of leaders who provide services and advocacy to our underserved communities in respect to that emblem. After all, Alkebulan means “Mother of Nations”.

Our mission is to spread community awareness via outreach programs and town hall meeting to encourage group discussions and viable solutions. We will also put on fund raising events such as bake sales, potlucks and business luncheons.

We will produce cultural entertainment, communal gatherings. lectures and legacy speakers, on college campuses and throughout the communities.

One of our main goals is to abate the “school to prison pipeline”.  We advocating the need to build a viable public education system.

We encourage you to join or group to participate in helping us in building workshops and learning centers in support of the ancient and modern culture of Copper Colored American peoples.