Who We Are

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Emah-Deborah specializes in Social Construct and reality therapy. Her mission is to serve the community by way of integrative, mental and physical health. She offers in home / and online holistic therapies for personal / group and family therapy, as well as virtual coaching in socio-cultural mental health.

She recognizes her duty as Universal Council to the King and advocate for Aboriginal Queens the royal communities. She specializes inIt was during her three and a half Years in isolation with her Universal being from another a dimension that she learned of her past calling and mission to the Copper-Colored aboriginal Native American. She became determined to seek truth to make peace with the elements of nature. She maintains this peace with a life long naturopathic approach by combining healthy eating, knowledge of the minerals of the earth and hydrotherapy. She also incorporates, movement patterns with an integrated exercise program as a planetary approach to enhance her own wellness as well as her clients. 

Emah-Deborah is about empowering the aboriginal indigenous womb to have a stronger more beautiful life. She desires to educate the womb bearer to develop healthier bodies, and enable them to have greater confidence in their daily movements and commitment to their Aboriginal collective.